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Welcome to CHAV magazine, which takes the word CHAV firmly by the Burberry epaulets and slaps it about a bit, tells it to stop spitting, shouting in the street like a vagabond, and listening to poor quality music via mobile phones (on buses) and instead to generally be a little more… cultured, humorous and varied in its behaviour.

That’s the premise and in a cultured and humorous nut-shell this web-log is looking to play house to,

Culture Humour And Variety…

1. Opinions, ideas and arguments.

2. Novel serialisation/extracts, short stories or flash-fiction.

And finally reviews… be it books/films or TV.

So if you think you’re cultured, humorous and varied enough or even chagrin hacked-off and vexed then why not embrace your inner-CHAV and get involved?

Email me: for any contributions or leave comments under existing articles/works or rants.

Many thanks,

Editor and CHAV… Tom Siggins.

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